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1 Visual Anthropology, Vol. 28, n. 2.
2 A. Gubrium & K. Harpes, Participatory Visual and Digital Methods , Left Coast Press, 2013.
3 H. Chang, F. Wabura Ngunjiri, K. A. Hernandez, Collaborative Autoethnography, Left Coast Press, 2013.
4 A. Schneider, "Expanded Visions. Rethinking Anthropological Research and Representation through Experimental Film", in Tim Ingold (ed), Redrawing Anthropology. Materials, Movements, Lines, 2011, Ashgate, pp. 177-194

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Visual Ethnography is looking for academics willing to collaborate with the review process of the films and documentary of the next issues. If interested please visit our website and write an email to Francesco Dragone, our Film Review Editor. Many thanks!


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